30.01.18 19:00 Theatre Show "I dodam jeszcze, że Cię kocham", - Filharmonia Kaszubska, Wejherowo

14.02.18 19:00 Opening "Love inside the fine art" - the Film Center, Gdynia

20.02.18 The Great International Winter Gala - Ergo Arena, Gdansk, (closed event)

17.03.18 Charlott Resort & Spa, Słupsk, Poland (closed event)

07.04.18 Sopot, Poland (closed event)

30.05.18 The Piano Impression Concert - Theatre Hall at the University of Gdansk, Poland

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ARTur (Artur Sychowski) is one of the most talented and sought-after artists of the young generation. By not having his head in the clouds, but utilizing a sky-is-the-limit approach, this prodigal 22-year-old is promoting his home country of Poland with flair, elegance and grace to create a better, more art-filled world. Armed with only a piano and a dream, Artur is proposing a tour of international distinction and aiming to make a record as innovative as he is for new audiences in the US. Possessing an abundance of artistry and charm, he reaches beyond first impressions under the artistic pseudonym of ARTur, a name which literally means “your art” (“ur” = “your), to convey that the act of spreading art to all is strongly engraved in his person.

“My art is for the people, not for myself, and I want to change art,” ARTur proclaims. “As a person, I want to spread love. Music opens the heart enabling it to release love. By changing the approach to music and art into a once in a lifetime, emotional event, I wish to show the world new dimensions and revive what the music experience can really be.”

Starting music on a grand piano at the age of four (a rambunctious, disobedient child during music lessons he often created alternate endings during instruction), ARTur attended two schools, consuming music and graduating high school early. He excelled at his craft only to be sidetracked by a devastating illness.

“Despite all the goodwill and training, I could not perform, I was sick with a severe and incurable illness,” he states. “My body was bleeding often; I still remember the embarrassment when my white shirts were getting sticky and purple red. Finally, with the help of Chinese medicine, I was cured of this terrible and shameful disease. After this healing, I was ready to reach for the best prizes and awards in Europe as a true reward and reassurance of my talent and mission.”
One with the piano, ARTur intuitively adjusts its sound to create perfection: it is for him the entire spectrum of colors and energies an extension mind and imagination. In Europe, it’s hard to find a similar artist equal to ARTur who is an out-of-the-box pianist, composer (including film and theater), improviser, accompanist and a member of multitude of vocal and instrumental musical ensembles.

Graduating with distinction from Wejherowo I level State Music School, he has been awarded prizes in prestigious piano competitions while numerous foundations and cultural organizations have granted him scholarships. Performing in concert halls in the UK, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Malta, Serbia, and his native Poland, ARTur’s unique blend of performance art has been received with honor and praise.

“Since my first steps into the bigger world of music, many magical things have happened” he says. “Many of my works are on such an expert level that some are disbelieving that they come from such a young and inexperienced mind. This makes me confident that if I am able to uniquely combine the heart and the mind, I can create things beyond time and space and achieve anything I want!”
Always dreaming of connecting the various art forms to present beyond the time, beyond the era, ARTur is adept at bringing his visions to reality.

HeART Impression is (a multi-media extravaganza of film, music and ballet that came to him in a dream), Piano Impression, Classic Impression and the electronically driven Chillout Impression are performances he plans to introduce to new stateside audiences; the first was displayed on a big screen in the cinema as the fulfillment of one of ARTur’s goals. Tying in with another goal, ARTur is quick to point out that he not only wishes to be welcomed as a part of the US music community, eventually, he plans to attend to the Los Angeles Film School.

“The USA is the top of the top in music and film and my dreams are coming true,” ARTur exclaims. “It is my hope that as they learn more about me, the rest of the world opens up their hearts and souls to my music. The attitude of the States is that of positive thinking and motivation and I think they will accept my mission and its larger vision.”

Young as he is, ARTur is already an active and experienced live performer receiving friendly reception wherever he goes. Is it possible that the power they have seen in ARTur is the same power that attracted YOU here? A light in the dark...a droplet in a desert...a breath of fresh air in a world polluted with unoriginality? As he begins to make his first impression on US audiences, you are invited to be a part of making this young artist’s dreams come true!

First prize

and the special award the International Competition "Chopin and Russian Composers"
in Siedlce, Poland, October 2013.

First prize

the International Music Competition "Malta International Music Competition"
in Malta, Malta, Valetta, July 2012.

First prize

the International Piano Competition "Concours Musical de France"
in Paris, France, May 2012.

First prize

and Special Award of Russian Ministry, International Piano Competition "Kaliningrad Jazz City"
in Kaliningrad, Russia, April 2012.

First prize

and Special Award the International Piano Competition "Free Style"
in Bern, Switzerland, November 2010.

First prize

and Special Award The Rising Star The International Music Competition "The Muse"
in Greece, Thira, September 2014.

The way of combining classical pieces with jazz standards, improvisation and the compositions of his own, proves that the artist moves freely between musical styles. ARTur presents this modern approach to music during the Piano Impression concert.

The Piano Impression Concert Website

Music stimulates imagination; delicately, through elusive sound, it opens up the mind and the soul of the arts. ARTur intuitively adjusts the quality of sound of the piano and plays the music that comes from his heart as he directs the HeART Impression live performance.

The Heart Impression Show Website

Modern interpretation of Classical Beauty. Music in Classic, Classic in Improvisations. An excellent rendering of compositions created by well-known classical composers, Classic Impression concerts allow you to discover these pieces again in a new light.

The Classic Impression Concert Website

The key to achieving joy and happiness is inner peace, relaxation and freedom. Oriental motifs, heavenly voices and orchestration with elements of electronic music support the melodies and improvisations created live during Chillout Impression concerts.

The Chillout Impression Concert Website


It's not often that you come across an artist that has everything that they need to become a huge International success. I have been promoting Artur Sychowski for several weeks now and his media reception has been amazing. Nothing but positive reviews from the press. He is a 'first class' pianist with impeccable credentials and skill. His latest release "Sanctus" tantalizes the ears and warms the soul with it's beautiful melodies and lifts. Live, Sychowski is a true master and leaves the audience in 'awe'. Sychowski is a dedicated pianist who is destined for music greatness.

Danie Cortese - Celebrity Publicist & Promoter , Toronto, Canada

You have to get to know this amazing composer, the word genius really doesn’t do him justice. For he is way more than that!

Dominique Dixon - Journalist, Atlanta, USA

When you listen to this young man’s music compositions, it will bring tears of joy to your eyes. To hear such sounds that bring movement in your body is just riveting. There’s no denying it’s something extremely special about this young artist.

Elite Magazine by Young Hollywood Atlanta, USA

Sky is no limit.


What people say?

Artur is a true hidden gem of the modern music. An unique pearl to be exposed at the World's finest pedestals to be celebrated and cherished. Feel the tranquility like never before when space and time unite in a singularity when Artur summons the heavenly sounds.  

Lukasz Porwol - Data Scientist at Insight, National University of Ireland, Galway

I"ve had the pleasure of featuring pianist Artur Sychowski in my online music magazine. He is definitely an artist to keep and eye on. His music is unique, abstract at times and performed with such passion. He is a truly amazing musician.

Tom Lambert - Radio Presenter/Producer, Belfast, UK

What people say?

Incredibly talented musician, extraordinary visionary, captivating personality & genius mind that I will be always proud of!

Marcos Kobylecki - Fund-Raising Investment Strategist, Los Angeles, USA

Artur is first of all very cultural and polite young man. I had the chance to meet him in my hometown of Sombor, when he thrilled the audience with several solo compositions. Marvelous. Bravo, Artur!

Sinisa Stricevic - the President of NGO Podium Sombor and journalist-editor of the regional Radio Sombor, Serbia


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713 397 9247 (USA)
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281 832 6696 (USA)