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ARTur (Artur Sychowski) is one of the most talented and sought-after artists of the young generation. By not having his head in the clouds, but utilizing a sky-is-the-limit approach, this prodigal 23-year-old is promoting his home country of Poland with flair, elegance and grace to create a better, more art-filled world. Armed with only a piano and a dream, Artur is proposing a tour of international distinction and aiming to make a record as innovative as he is for new audiences in the US. Possessing an abundance of artistry and charm, he reaches beyond first impressions under the artistic pseudonym of ARTur, a name which literally means “your art” (“ur” = “your), to convey that the act of spreading art to all is strongly engraved in his person.

“My art is for the people, not for myself, and I want to change art,” ARTur proclaims. “As a person, I want to spread love. Music opens the heart enabling it to release love. By changing the approach to music and art into a once in a lifetime, emotional event, I wish to show the world new dimensions and revive what the music experience can really be.”

Starting music on a grand piano at the age of four (a rambunctious, disobedient child during music lessons he often created alternate endings during instruction), ARTur attended two schools, consuming music and graduating high school early. He excelled at his craft only to be sidetracked by a devastating illness.

“Despite all the goodwill and training, I could not perform, I was sick with a severe and incurable illness,” he states. “My body was bleeding often; I still remember the embarrassment when my white shirts were getting sticky and purple red. Finally, with the help of Chinese medicine, I was cured of this terrible and shameful disease. After this healing, I was ready to reach for the best prizes and awards in Europe as a true reward and reassurance of my talent and mission.”
One with the piano, ARTur intuitively adjusts its sound to create perfection: it is for him the entire spectrum of colors and energies an extension mind and imagination. In Europe, it’s hard to find a similar artist equal to ARTur who is an out-of-the-box pianist, composer (including film and theater), improviser, accompanist and a member of multitude of vocal and instrumental musical ensembles.

Graduating with distinction from Wejherowo I level State Music School, he has been awarded prizes in prestigious piano competitions while numerous foundations and cultural organizations have granted him scholarships. Performing in concert halls in the USA, United Arab Emirates, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia, Indonesia, Philippines and his native Poland, ARTur’s unique blend of performance art has been received with honor and praise.

“Since my first steps into the bigger world of music, many magical things have happened” he says. “Many of my works are on such an expert level that some are disbelieving that they come from such a young and inexperienced mind. This makes me confident that if I am able to uniquely combine the heart and the mind, I can create things beyond time and space and achieve anything I want!”
Darkness Impression is an unpredictable musical improvisation in the darkness,
HeART Impression is an extravagant show combining dance, music and light,
Piano Impression is a concert combining classical music with jazz standards, improvisation and compositions of his own,
Classic Impression is a concert of elegant classical music with a a modern twist on this genre to bring about a contemporary and new feel,
Chillout Impression is an electronically enriched performance listened in a lying position, thanks to which is felt the effects of music therapy.

“The USA is the top of the top in music and film and my dreams are coming true,” ARTur exclaims. “It is my hope that as they learn more about me, the rest of the world opens up their hearts and souls to my music. The attitude of the States is that of positive thinking and motivation and I think they will accept my mission and its larger vision.”

Young as he is, ARTur is already an active and experienced live performer receiving friendly reception wherever he goes. Is it possible that the power they have seen in ARTur is the same power that attracted YOU here? A light in the dark...a droplet in a desert...a breath of fresh air in a world polluted with unoriginality? As he begins to make his first impression on international audiences, you are invited to be a part of making this young artist’s dreams come true!

First prize

and the special award the International Competition "Chopin and Russian Composers"
in Siedlce, Poland, October 2013.

First prize

the International Music Competition "Malta International Music Competition"
in Malta, Malta, Valetta, July 2012.

First prize

the International Piano Competition "Concours Musical de France"
in Paris, France, May 2012.

First prize

and Special Award of Russian Ministry, International Piano Competition "Kaliningrad Jazz City"
in Kaliningrad, Russia, April 2012.

First prize

and Special Award the International Piano Competition "Free Style"
in Bern, Switzerland, November 2010.

First prize

and Special Award The Rising Star The International Music Competition "The Muse"
in Greece, Thira, September 2014.

Musically unpredictable improvisation in the darkness, which is a process taking place here and now, created through inspiration and overflowing emotions, magic and uniqueness. Let's focus on the sense of hearing and experience extraordinary Darkness Impression Concert.

The Darkness Impression Concert Website

The way of combining classical pieces with jazz standards, improvisation and the compositions of his own, proves that the artist moves freely between musical styles. ARTur presents this modern approach to music during the Piano Impression concert.

The Piano Impression Concert Website

Music stimulates imagination; delicately, through elusive sound, it opens up the mind and the soul of the arts. ARTur intuitively adjusts the quality of sound of the piano and plays the music that comes from his heart as he directs the HeART Impression live performance.

The Heart Impression Show Website

Modern interpretation of Classical Beauty. Music in Classic, Classic in Improvisations. An excellent rendering of compositions created by well-known classical composers, Classic Impression concerts allow you to discover these pieces again in a new light.

The Classic Impression Concert Website

The key to achieving joy and happiness is inner peace, relaxation and freedom. Oriental motifs, heavenly voices and orchestration with elements of electronic music support the melodies and improvisations created live during Chillout Impression concerts.

The Chillout Impression Concert Website


You have to get to know this amazing composer, the word genius really doesn’t do him justice. For he is way more than that! When you listen to this young man’s music compositions, it will bring tears of joy to your eyes. To hear such sounds that bring movement in your body is just riveting. There’s no denying it’s something extremely special about this young artist.

Dominique Dixon - Journalist, Atlanta, USA

Artur Sychowski is a pianist, composer, improviser and visionary who does not confine himself to the regid framework of classical music. His work can not be classified in any category. This is music that stimulates the imagination, providing an unforgettable experience, connecting casual listeners as well as sophisticated music lovers.


His Excellency Ambassador of Poland Robert Rostek
 Embassy of the republic of Poland in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Mr Artur Sychowski, a pianist, composer and improviser of the young generation, presented a high artistic level and an extremely original performance of Fryderyk Chopin's works. Proper selection of the repertoire and understanding of the expectations of the demanding multicultural audience gathered during the recital at the New York University concert hall made a very positive impression on this special evening.

Her Excellency Ambassador of Poland ANNA BARBARZAK
 Embassy of the republic of Poland in Athens

The Polish Embassy in Athens would like to thank Artur Sychowski for his piano recital at Zappeion, Athens, November 10, 2018. during the celebration of the anniversary of the 100th Regained Independence Day. The recital was enthusiastically received by the audience. The guests highly valued the artistic value of the original arrangements of patriotic songs and the extremely original performance of Fryderyk Chopin's works.

Her Excellency Ambassador of Poland Irena Lichnerowicz-Augustyn
 Embassy of the republic of Poland in Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus

Thank you for the concert that you performed on the May 7 this year at the Kasteliotissa Cultural Center in Nicosia on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of Poland on May 3 and the 15th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union. The representatives of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus present at the concert, as well as the diplomatic corpus, argue with me, that the works of Fryderyk Chopin, Stanisław Moniuszko and Wojciech Kilar were not only characterized by a very high artistic level, but they were also presented in unusually interesting arrangements. I am pleased that we could host such an unconventional pianist at a special occasion for us. You delighted the audience with your music style and interesting improvisations, for which I would like to thank you again. I combine my respect and wish for further success.

Honorary Consul Alain Mompert
 Honorary Consulate of France in Poland

The uniqueness of Artur Sychowski's performance was mainly due to the fact that in his musical creation the concert grand piano became a full spectrum of various sounds of the instrument. During this extraordinary concert, he used not only the piano itself, but also mysterious props, which radically changed the face of music. We witnessed an extremely elegant, moving heart and senses of musical spectacle, which at times referred to the work of French Impressionists, where the main convention was catching the moment. Mr. Artur sounding the moment painted a French-Polish musical impression specially prepared to shake the hearts of the current special guests. Due to such an unconventional and surprising approach, Artur Sychowski, despite his young age, is already recognisable in Poland as a musician. This is evidenced by the fact that after information that Artur Sychowski will play at our ceremony, we obtained partial sponsoring of our event by the YAMAHA MUSIC corporation.

Baroness Marianna Weirauch Di Pauli von Treuheim
 Tenuta di Casaglia
Casino Di Terra, Pisa, Italy

We had honour to host Artur Sychowski who was our special guest during the serenade musicale, to which up to 100 guests attended the concert. His remarkable talent, which he showed during his performance, was a true highlight for our guests. Not only did he impress the public with his finger technique and musicality, he also suprised them with innovative sounds the classical piano can actually produce. His repertory ranges from classical music to modern compositions, played all with energy and yet emotional intensity leaving a joyful message to audience. To no suprise, Artur Sychowski got a standing ovation for his performance. In addition, Artur Sychowski's gift for communication with the audience makes, apart from his musical talent, every performance worthwhile. We are convinced that his Art will recieve a deserved international spotlight in today's piano world.

Rudolf Caesar P. Golez, MM
Dean of the Conservatory of Music
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

The programme began with favorite classics cum improvisation. The theme of the program was precisely this, classics with improvs. The audience were so elated to hear the inventions of Artur, which gave a new facet to the popular classics. A favorite was the Air in G String by JS Bach. The quiteness of the audience proven that the performance caught their attention. It is not so easy to do this in the audience of Cagayan. The second part of the program was a totally new sound for the young ears of the audience, in the music composed by Artur himself. He was so kind to explain the inspiration of the music, in order to keep the people engaged. This he did successfully and a standing ovation at the end proven this was a big success for Artur as a pianist and composers. Artur Sychowski is a high-level musician and a genuine person and artist. He is highly recommended for whatever activities he might wish to pursue.

Professor I Gede Arya Sugiarthha, SSKar., M.Hum
Rector of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts
Denpasar, Bali

ARTur Sychowski, polish musician has performed excellently on Classic Impression Solo Concert, on Stage Candra Metu Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar, September 10th 2018. By his music and other creation in piano, would be fully expected to contribute and inspire the students of ISI Denpasar in the future.

Marcin Grochowina
Head Departament of Piano
 Musikshule Konservatorium Bern
Bern, Switzerland

It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Artur Sychowski, a specially gifted musician of superb ambition and incredible creative potential as composer and improviser. (...) I invited him to a music competition in Bern, Switzerland, where he proven himself by receiving two major awards, the first prize and a special prize which enabled him to attend a jazz course - "Summer Jazz Academy" the following year. I deeply believe that Artur Sychowski is an artist of unique talent and while getting to know him through his creative work i have noticed his high awarness of great effort and hard work required to archeve real success. Artur Sychowski is very hard working yet confident individual; therefore, I am wishing him many international successes. I am convinced that there will be many awards given to Artur as he progresses with his techniques and develops his composing and improviser abilities.

Paolo Francese
concert pianist
Professor of Piano in Italian State Schools
Baronissi, Italy

Artur is a wonderful and talented pianist and, more, a suprising composer. During his own performances as a pianist I haf the opportunity to adimre his outstanding mastery of the instrument and his deep inspiration in improvising. His great originality as a composer as well as in rearranging and rethinking the tradiotional concert repertoire is really astonishing:maybe the most authentic epiphany of his own magnetic personality. He is a real "communicator" as a musician and as a person, and his audiences always find him engaging, warm and convincing. I want to reccomend to you in the highest possible terms this gifted indidual and I feel honored to know him.

Professor Waldemar Wojtal
head of the piano department
Academy of Music in Gdansk
Gdansk, Poland

With all responsibility I can say that ARTur belongs to the most interesting artistic personalities that I have met during my many years of teaching. (...) His rare, excellent, absolute hearing gift, artistic imagination and - as it turned out - high motor predispositions allowed successfully to develop an ambitious repertoire assessed on semester exams with the highest score. (...) I am convinced that the ability, passion and rare responsibility in shaping his own development in this age predispose Artur to undertake a serious stage career in the future.

Professor Andrzej Ogorkiewicz
Academy of Music in Poznan
Poznan, Poland

The original and very interesting program of the concert, which gathered a very large audience, consisted of the performance of classic works by Schubert, Debussy, Chopin, Bach and improvisation of their own works by ARTur. The artist plays with impeccable technique, a virtuoso flair and his improvisations are very well thought out and played perfectly. The numerous audience gathered solemnly awarded the artist with thunderous applause. I highly recommend Mr. Artur Sychowski as a very promising young artist.

Agnieszka Nikodem
Head of the Gdansk University Office
University of Gdansk
Gdansk, Poland

The University of Gdansk is a place where citizens of the world are educated, and after hearing the concerts of Artur Sychowski, one can say without any doubt that his personality and technique as well as unprecedented arranging perfection, create the artist with international potential. Besides, he is a man full of passion and professionalism, he can see that he knows what hard work means to train a workshop. (...) We had the honor of hosting Mr. Artur Sychowski three times on our stage. After the last concert - that is his original program "Classic Impression" created based on the works of Fryderyk Chopin, there was a long discussion between the students about the incredibly courageous and mature interpretation of the master's works by the young artist. In this case, no doubt, you can call Artur Sychowski's artistic level - world-class.

Marcin Waszkiewicz
 Polonia Society of Korona
Florida, USA

Polonia Society of Korona invited Artur Sychowski to perform a charitable concert due to his international fame in Europe to bring piece of Polish culture to our area. Per his request, the Flagler Palm Coast High School Symphonic Orchestra was to take part in the concert. (…) His performance was a huge success for all involved. He was great and I am eager to be able to see him perform again. Everyone in attendance was surprised and agreed that even through he is from other country, his music spoke volumes. There were tears, laugher singing along, and lots of applause.

Magdalena du Bourg de Bozas
Marquis Marquise du Bourg de Bozas
Association des Amis du Château, Ecuries et Parc de Prye
la Fermeté, France

Artur is not a classical artist. He expores the possibilities of the piano as an instrument and shared his findings with the public who grows more and more enthusiastic during the concert. Artur will play some classical works jazz works his own works and interprets famous works his own way with surprising effects. The public has literally beem seduced by Artur and hope to hear more of him soon. Knowing he is young we are sure he will find a way to make his way through on an international level. His inventness, talent and charm deserve to be world-wide known.

Krzysztof Jaworski
Polish Success Centre
London, UK

I am pleased to recommend an unusual pianist Artur Sychowski as a creative and professional creator/pianist of international range. I asked Artur for cooperation at the inauguration of the seminar by Mateusz Grzesiak, the most popular Polish coach, who came to our event “Citizen of the World”, which took place in London on December 5, 2015. Artur opened this event with his concert not accidentally, because I decided that the passion and level which he represents as a Pole abroad is impressive and perfectly fills his talent with the scenes of this special event. The reaction of the audience was similar, where over 400 people from all over Europe came together and they were surprised by such a surprise from our organization.

Igor Jankowski
artistic director of the Belarussian Culture Festival
president of the Foundation for Artistic Development and International Cooperation MSM UNICUM
Minsk, Belarus

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Artistic Development and International Cooperation MSM UNICCUM highly evaluates the artistic competence and skills of Mr. Artur Sychowski. (...) Mr. Artur Sychowski not only helped our Foundation during festivals or concerts, but also willingly took part in them as a pianist, improviser and composer. His last performance during the International Christmas Concert aroused great appreciation of the audience and standing ovation. We strongly support Mr. Artur Sychowski in his musical international activities and wish him further artistic successes.

Dr Lukasz Porwol
Insight Center for data analytics,
National University of Ireland,
Galway, Ireland

When I look at ARTur I see a young Hans Zimmer who made a long journey from Germany, through Britain to finally find his artistic heaven in Hollywood and Santa Monica, California. Artur lives the same spirit as Hans Zimmer; similarly, he modifies his piano and includes new unknown melodic lines, he paves completely new path beyond the set borders. His music combines classic scores with contemporary sounds, bridging the wonders of classic music with modern, stimulating expressions. As a scientist, I do appreciate hard working spirit, devotion to archiving goals set and causing maximum impact. Artur has abundance of those properties, that is why I believe whichever artistic challenge he takes on, he shall fulfil it beyond expectation. 

Danie Cortese
 Celebrity Publicist & Promoter
Toronto, Canada

It's not often that you come across an artist that has everything that they need to become a huge International success. I have been promoting Artur Sychowski for several weeks now and his media reception has been amazing. Nothing but positive reviews from the press. He is a 'first class' pianist with impeccable credentials and skill. His latest release "Sanctus" tantalizes the ears and warms the soul with it's beautiful melodies and lifts. Live, Sychowski is a true master and leaves the audience in 'awe'. Sychowski is a dedicated pianist who is destined for music greatness.

Sinisa Stricevic
The president of the FM Radio Sombor
journalist-editor of the New Radio Sombor
Sombor, Serbia

I was so touched by his art. One of his pieces presented during his solo act was called the “Heavenly Way”. It was strictly connected with the atmosphere of the place where this performance was held. The concert was organised at the church originally called "Karmelićanska crkva”, the biggest catholic Church in Sombor with the pipe organs. His piece resonated inside this building in a gorgeous way. Each his note was just perfectly balanced. The audience felt like Artur could change the perspective of hearing and moved everybody to another dimension. That was really unusual experience!

Tom Lambert
Radio Presenter/Producer
Lurgan, Ireland

I was promoting him during his tour in Europe three years ago. His performances in The United Kingdom were part of his very first international concert tour as an individual artist. He gave two concerts in July; including the afternoon appearance at the St Ann Church in Manchester and his own-created “Piano Impression Concert” at the Forge Music Venue, Camden Town in London. His music is very original and his performances are truly unique and prepared with a lot of passion. He is very intriguing musician. I am sure his career will flourish and he will bring his novel performance ideas to diverse audiences world-wide.

Stanislawa Grazynska
Journalist, publicist, presenter, university lecturer
Gdansk, Poland

During the ARTur's concert in the Theater Hall of the University of Gdansk, the analogy of the pianist to Fryderyk Chopin came to my mind. The icon of our culture (which few people know about) was a perfect improviser. He delighted the audience of Vienna, Paris and London by creating "ad hoc" pieces on a given subject and entwining them with virtuoso ornaments. Sychowski also presents the extraordinary ease of building sound surfaces with panache, surprising listeners with ideas that go beyond the imagination of the average person. As an arranger and the composer, he presents suggestive musical images in a way that is simply painterly. Gifted with remarkable technical ease, he focuses on the emotional side by building an interesting drama of both classical works and his works. He has an above-average artistic sensitivity which makes even the smallest composition make a fascinating whole. He is also characterized by diligence which leads to achieving maximum effects. He is a virtuoso in every way. In addition, from every piano, he brings out the most valuable in the instrument. Already after the first few phrases, he even makes magical contact with listeners. Applauded at concerts, rewarded at competitions in the country and abroad with the universe deserves to be met by a much wider audience. During lectures at the University of Gdańsk, I present Artur Sychowski's recordings and students usually demand to repeat them several times. There are plenty of pianists, but in this case we have a personality that stands out above many of them.

Jerzy Snakowski
music critic, academic lecturer, publicist
Tricity, Poland

Artur Sychowski is an extraordinary class young artist. Such people are said to follow their own path. They are visionaries. (...) ARTur, though he interprets the works of others, seems particularly interesting when he submits them to his own original transcriptions, in which the rich world of his emotions is reflected. He is not only a performer, he is the original performer, with whom music also triggers thinking about the place in which he will sound and the conditions in which the listener will interact with her. The concerts he organizes are actually 'total' events.

Jerzy Szarafinski
Artistic Director and conductor
Medical University Choir
Secondary School of Music Choir
Gdansk, Poland

His concert performances of well-known arrangements and author's works have always aroused admiration of the audience. Always an unusual artistic event that distinguished Arthur from other pianists were his piano improvisations. Thanks to them, well-known songs in choral arrangements sounded even more interesting and took on a new shine. During an unforgettable concert at the Kaliningrad Philharmonic, Artur Sychowski also performed a solo piece by a Russian composer, Concert No. 3 "Toccatina" by Nicolai Kapustin, as a reference to the place where the concert was performed. Only mature musicians can play such a technically difficult score. For Artur, it was not a problem to perform this work, even if he received information about the possibility of playing such a song the day before. A short preparation was enough to play such a complicated pianistic work. The extraordinary ability to improvise and professional approach to the role of an accompanist in my opinion testifies to his artistic level and treatment as world-class music.


Agnieszka Jackowska
+48 601 323 212 (PL)